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Introducing ResourceLink 21

Improved productivity through leading innovation.

Within ResourceLink 21, our latest release, we have focused our efforts on 3 main areas:



Providing our customers with capabilities that are pushing the boundaries of HR and Payroll software.Functionality that is embracing the evolution of consumer tech and providing it to people in the workplace. Functionality such as ResourceLink Assistant which allows users to transact with ResourceLink via a mobile device using AI.



Taking modules withinResourceLink to the next step. Leave Management for example, where we have streamlined processes and made enhancements to the user experience so that it delivers a seamless absence life cycle which in turn reduces the need of manual intervention by your Payroll/HR resources.


Ensuring our customers are compliant to the latest legislation ResourceLink 21 incorporates functionality to accommodate PAYE modernisation. Accommodating the range of changes introduced by Revenue, including pension deductions for public service employees, emergency tax rates and USC thresholds, these changes will impact all organisations that run an Irish payroll.

ResourceLink Assistant

The first phase of the intelligent ResourceLink Assistant will alert, spot patterns and complete transactions for users on their device of choice.


A new and improved forms capability that is intuitive, engaging and reportable, that will further accelerate the digitisation of the workplace and increase efficiency.

Interactive payslips

Gives your employees a whole new way of looking at their pay, including interactive graphics and pay comparisons.

Time and attendance enhancement

Integrates Lieu and Flexi transactions and work patterns with rosters to support the accrual and managment of all absence types.

Auto enrolment

Full pensions modernisation and complete compliance, saving you time and cutting complexity.

Leave management

Easily configure, maintain, pay and record all aspects of absence in line with your specific business policies.

Parental leave

All parental leave-related tasks, all in one place. easy to find and easy to use.

Irish Legislation

Introduce new functionality to meet a range of changes introduced by Revenue including pension deductions for public service employees, emergency tax rates, USC thresholds to name a few.