NGA Human Resources introduces ResourceLink 18 – The latest, most insightful ResourceLink platform

Featuring powerful and comprehensive Gender Pay Gap reporting, the Apprenticeship Levy and improvements in user efficiency

08 Feb 2017

LONDON, UK – February 8th 2017 HR and Payroll leader NGA Human Resources, today announced ResourceLink 18, the latest, most advanced and insightful version of NGA ResourceLink.  Including the much anticipated Gender Pay Gap reporting, ResourceLink 18 incorporates highly sophisticated and insightful gender pay analytics amongst many other innovative enhancements.  In addition, ResourceLink 18 incorporates the requirements to meet the Apprenticeship Levy and other legislative changes in the UK, while making significant improvements in the user experience by introducing offline processing and embedding learning.   

“With the Gender Pay Gap reporting legislation about to come into full force, UK businesses and their HR teams might realise they aren’t as well prepared to disclose their Gender Pay Gap as they probably should be at this stage.  ResourceLink 18 integrates powerful and action-oriented  insights to help our customers visualize their current state of gender pay gap,” explained Mito Mackin, Director of Innovation and Product Management at NGA HR.  

“With ResourceLink 18, not only are all key mandated reports for the Gender Pay Gap included, we also made it available as a desktop widget, rendering it extremely fast, secure, flexible and accessible.  With more than 200 reports now available in the ResourceLink Reporting Services (RRS) solution, it puts a user-friendly and insightful tool directly in the hands of managers to support key decisions.”

What’s available in this release?

Gender Pay Gap reporting
To assist customers to comply with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) − Regulations 2017, ResourceLink 18 incorporates a comprehensive tool to analyse and report on the differences in pay between male and female employees.  The solution includes new standard reports to assist customers to meet their regulatory requirements, edit screens to allow fine tuning of special cases, and instant desktop alerts to prompt for action.

Bradford Factor Reporting
Responding to increasing customer requests, ResourceLink 18 now makes available the Bradford Factor Report which provides a detailed analysis of frequent sickness episodes to help reduce disruptive absence behaviour.  Provided as a dashboard widget with adjustable thresholds to support managerial decisions and prompt action, this report can help organisations by calculating a score to reflect the potential level of disruption for each employee’s absence during a year.

Apprenticeship Levy
ResourceLink has been enhanced to incorporate the requirements of the Apprenticeship Levy which comes into effect from 6 April 2017. The levy will be charged at a rate of 0.5% of an employer’s pay bill however there is an annual allowance (Levy Allowance) of £15,000 to offset against this.  Enhancements to ResourceLink have been made which will enable the Apprenticeship Levy and the Levy Allowance to be calculated and reported on. 

User efficiency and time saving – Embedded Learning and Offline Processing
Enhancements have been made to the embedded learning facility in ResourceLink to include screen level Training  Videos.  This allows users to access the rich library of ResourceLink learning material that is relevant to their current activity.  In addition, ResourceLink 18 has been enhanced to process key tasks, such as the payroll calculation, automatically offline.  A new “progress monitor” has been made available on the ResourceLink Dashboard to indicate the current status, and the success or failure of any tasks at a glance.  These new features, along with many other improvements made as part of the continuous improvement cycle of the module, focuses on providing the best user experience and time saving efficiencies for our customers.


About NGA ResourceLink
NGA ResourceLink is the most advanced, integrated and insightful HR and Payroll software in the UK and Ireland.  A cloud-based solution, ResourceLink also incorporates a fully integrated HR and Payroll database that allows businesses to align their people to their strategy.  It does this by allowing you to align each stage of the employee lifecycle, at an individual and macro level to your organisations strategy and goals. From ensuring that the right people are hired, on-boarded, developed, managed, rewarded, appraised, promoted and eventually, when appropriate, off-boarded – all in line with the business strategy.
ResourceLink is NGA HR’s flagship HR and Payroll solution in the UK available On-Premise, via a SaaS model or as part of a Managed Service.   NGA HR has 1,200 customers in the UK supporting approximately 4.9 million users.

About NGA Human Resources
NGA Human Resources is a global leader in helping organisations transform their business-critical HR operations to deliver more effective and efficient people-critical services. We help our clients become better employers through smarter, more streamlined business processes — to save money, manage employee life cycles, and support globally connected, agile organisations. This is how NGA makes HR work. What sets us apart is The NGA Advantage. It’s a combination of deep HR experience and insight, advanced technology platforms and applications, and a global portfolio of flexible service delivery options.
Founded in 1969, NGA HR has over 44 years of experience in the IT industry. As a recognised global HR services leader, we have offices in 35 countries on five continents, supporting customers in more than 100 countries. An award winning payroll provider, NGA HR recently won the CIPP awards for both Payroll Service Provider of the Year and Payroll Software Product of the Year 2016.

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