Ensuring employees are effectively and appropriately rewarded is a key issue for public sector and private oraganisations. NGA HR Reward Team offers a range of solutions to overcome your reward issues based on professional advice and a range of specialist technology solutions. So whether you are considering the impact of the National Living Wage, Equal Pay, reviewing your pay structure or looking to simplify your pay review and bonus processes come and visit us on our stand. You can pick up your reward challenges and solutions document or chat to our specialist advisors about your challenges.


Reward ChallengesNGA Human Resources Solutions
Does your Reward Strategy enable you to attract and retain the best talent?
  • Our Reward Consultants advise on developing strategies that meet business needs taking account of internal requirements and legal obligations
  • Our web based solution, Compensate Salary Benchmarking system enables comparison and reviews of pay metrics against external survey data
Are pay reviews time consuming and difficult to administer?
  • Our Compensate Salary Planning system has been designed to shorten and simplify pay reviews improving efficiency and reducing risk
Are bonus schemes easy to manage and process?
  • Compensate Salary Planning also allows for complex bonus schemes to be easily calculated and administered
Is your pay structure fair and equitable in terms of Equal Pay?
  • Using our Equal Pay Review system we can undertake Equal Pay Audits quickly and effectively allowing time to develop responses to equal pay issues
  • Using our Pay Modeller system we can design effective, compliant pay structures that can be fully costed
Do you have an effective approach to Job Evaluation?
  • Compensate Job Evaluation creates a range of approaches to job evaluation providing a strong defence against equal pay issues as well as streamling the evaluation process
Could the overall paybill be managed more effectively?
  • Our Reward Consultants are expereienced in reviewing fixed and variable pay elements creating a single transparent approach to pay as well as improving payroll efficiency
Advice and Support
  • Our Reward Consultants can offer advice in response to legal changes such as the introduction of the National Living Wage, Travel to Work time and calculation of holiday pay

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