Whether you want us to run a single HR process or the entire employee lifecycle, in one country or around the world, using a unified technology platform, or a diverse landscape, we have a solution for you.

HR Outsourcing


HR Outsourcing will help your company stay ahead of competitors by overcoming the challenges of administrative overload, legislative compliance and the multi-level complexities that face today’s HR departments. 

Managed Payroll Services


Managed Payroll Services offers you flexibility, efficiencies, and above all keeps you compliant. Allowing you to benefit from reduced operating costs, technology that reflects legislation changes and enables you to focus on the more strategic elements of managing HR.

HR Consulting


We implement the foundation that allows HR leaders to organise, manage, empower and report their workforce, leveraging the best technology - in the cloud or OnPremise - for every aspect of HR service delivery.

Platforms & Tools


With a history of helping HR leaders navigate cloud and On-Premise options, NGA is a trusted partner of all major HR technology providers, including SAP, SuccessFactors and Oracle